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Just a two hour ride from Chachapoyas, the village of Leymebamba can be found. The town is known for its museum that houses over 200 mummies that were found on a cliff high above the Laguna de los Condores, all these mummies date from the Chachapoyas civilization. Leymebamba is a great stop on the way from Chachapoyas to Cajamarca, we only spent one night in town, but you can easily stay up to 5/6 nights if you are into some hikes in the surroundings.

One of the most well-known sights is the Leymebamba Museum, most visitors come to see the incredible mummy collection that is being exhibited here and so we did. After lunch at a cozy restaurant at the main square we took the taxi to the museum (S / .7 for the four of us). The taxi driver was so kind to leave us his number so we could call him in case we wanted to ride back to the town.

Upon arrival to the museum we rang the bell and waited for one of the the door opened for us after we paid the admission (S /. 15 pp) through the little window the big porch opened and we started our visit through the museum. At the moment of visiting we were the only visitors and the guard decided to provide us with a guided visit and told us about the foundation of the museum, the Chachapoya civilization and the mummies that were found at the Laguna de los Condores.

The museum is well worth the visit when you are spending some time in the Chachapoyas region, as it is the only place where the history of civilization is fully explained. the museum garden after your visit and explore the wide variety of native orchids that can be found here before you go to the other side of the street for a serious portion of hummingbirds, and some local organic coffee!

Organic coffee & amp; hummingbirds

While you're enjoying your coffee and possibly one of their daily, home made sweets, hummingbirds fly on and off.

After having spent an hour and having collected hundreds of photos of the different species that we are going to the round back to Leymebamba. On the way we were greeted by many smiling and friendly locals. The walk is downhill and it's save to walk back during day time, views are stunning!

Leymebamba was one of our favorite places during this trip to the Chachapoyas region, with its charming cobblestone streets and friendly people. We are planning on going back during another trip to hopefully enjoy a stay at Kentitambo and hike to the Laguna de los Condores.

How to get to Leymebamba From Chachapoyas
Vans leave during the morning from Chachapoyas to Leymebamba, at 5.00hrs, 6.00hrs, 07.00hrs, 10.00hrs, noon, and 13.00 / 14.00hrs (final services dependents on the day of the week ). The cost of one way ticket is S /. 8 (May 2015)

From Cajamarca
The bus company Virgen del Carmen offers a service twice a day, leaving Cajamarca at either 4.30hrs or 15.00hrs, the ride takes about 8 hours and the cost of one way ticket is S /. 30 (May 2015).

Where to stayBudget
Although I forgot to write down the name of the hostal, it's located at the main square right next to the bus stop of the vans that ride in between Chachapoyas and Leymebamba. They offer double rooms with private bathroom for S /. 40 a night, a bargain.

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ComfortThe owners (Adriana Von Hagen & Oscar Bravo) of Kenticafe just opened a small guest house, named Kentitambo, this is Quechua for Hummingbird Inn. From here you will overlook the Leymebamba Museum and the lush gardens, filled with hummingbirds.

Between Mummies and Hummingbirds in Leymebamba

One of the best known places in northern Peru is the Leymebamba Museum, most of the visitors come to see the variety of mummies displayed and we were no exception. After having lunch in a cozy restaurant near the central square, we took a taxi to the museum (7 soles for four people). The taxi driver left us his number to call once we left the museum.

On our arrival at the museum we ring the bell and wait for someone from the staff to attend us, we pay a deposit of 15 soles per person, through a small window, then we enter through a larger gate to a side stand. That day we were the only visitors, so the same person who charged us the entrance guided us throughout the complex, providing data and information about the Chachapoyas civilization and the mummies that were found in the Laguna de los Cóndores.

p> If you are in the Chachapoyas region, the museum is the only place where you can give a full explanation of this civilization.

After the guided tour, you can explore the various gardens with orchids inside the grounds, before crossing the street to have a good coffee and observe a variety of hummingbirds.

Organic Coffee & amp; Hummingbirds

In front of the Leymebamba Museum there is a small cafe, with a beautiful garden full of hummingbirds. Cross the door, and go up to the area with tables, even if it looks lonely, surely someone will come to attend you, and prepare a good coffee or herbal tea.

While enjoying a hot drink and perhaps some dessert of the day, hummingbirds come and go buzzing around you.

Leymebamba was one of our favorite places during the trip to the Chachapoyas region, its people are very friendly and its cobblestone streets give a lot of charm.

How to get to Leymebamba

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