Mexican legend White-flowered trees by Maria del Mar Reyes

PPT in PDF format is to summarize the Mexican legend "Trees of white flowers" which explains how two rivalry tribes learned to co-exist in peace. Great lesson to teach tolerance. I like to teach it the week of International Day of Tolerance (Nov 16).

As a recap for the legend, students work on story boards easily found online:

As a culminating activity I have the students summarize the legend. For lower level Spanish learner students I use a graphic organizer and do it as a whole class activity:

Common Core Standards:

More news: Any on Radio, with CJ Carballo - BLOG

Identify the main idea and most supporting details contained in culturally authentic materials and other sources related to targeted themes.

Recognize familiar words and phrases understand the main idea and infer the meaning of some highly contextualized unfamiliar spoken or written words in culturally authentic materials using electronic information and other sources related to targeted themes

Infer the meaning of some unfamiliar words and phrases in academic and formal contexts.

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  • Adam Floyd