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In a very large and ancient forest lived many animals. This jungle was a placid place, dotted with centuries-old trees and abundant food everywhere. It was a great place to live. Due to the geographic location of the forest there were two climatic seasons: summer and winter. And in this forest the animals began to feel the discomfort of the suffocating heat that it made due to the intense summer that was doing at that moment ... For this time the water was very scarce; the lack of water was creating a desperate environment for the forest and its inhabitants ... However, there was yet another event in the life of that forest ... That day there was a great fire in the forest, the fire extended to great sparks through the trees, meanwhile, all the animals fled in terror ... In the midst of the confusion, a small hummingbird began to fly in the opposite direction to all the others. The lions, giraffes, elephants, deer, deer, ... all very astonished looked at the small, feeble hummingbird, thinking about what he was doing straight into the fire. Finally one of the animals, who could not believe that the hummingbird did all this madness, asked, "Where are you going? Are you crazy? What about you? We have to flee the fire immediately." The hummingbird, a little fluttering from the heat of the fire, answered: "Do you remember that there is a lake in the middle of the forest? I'm flying fast, I pick up some water in my beak and I come back to help turn it off. the fire, "the Lion, who entered the conversation, only managed to say:" You're crazy, it will not work at all, you just can not turn it off ", the hummingbird, in a tone as sure as resolved,

Youth Empowerment and Leadership
Youth Empowerment and Leadership

And again, your flight to the lake ...

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