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In Development : Products listed in this state are still in their development stage. Samples will be available for purchase in our Webshop soon.

Sample Product : Sample Products are available for purchase in lower quantity. Such products may be new products or updated versions of an existing product.

Volume Product : The Volume Product is in mass production and available in high volumes. Customers will be notified about any changes and they will have the possibility to place Last Time Buy (LTB) orders for a change of a Product Volume. Note: Toradex guarantees minimum availability for products -


Product Change Notification : Product Change Notification (PCN) marked products will undergo change in the near future Before purchasing these products, customers are requested to check the product changes and product availability in the PCN document attached to the Product Revision History. Samples will be available for testing in case there is a successor product or version.

Evaluation Product : Evaluation products are available for low volume purchases. These companion products allow customers to test and evaluate certain functionalities of Toradex volume products. Evaluation Products are subject to change without prior notice and Toradex does not guarantee minimum availability.

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