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1 (answer) [+ family, garden, building] to look after; take care of; [+ herd] to tend

people who choose to stay at home and take care of their children who decide to stay at home and look after their children; the caring for orphans of war

caring for his invalid wife is in Barcelona caring for his disabled grandmother.The elders have to take care of their younger siblings, it is the institution that more hospitals and houses have to take care of the sick of Sidaella cares for the children when I am working au-pair, caring for children began to work at fifteen taking care of children. I paid you for a schedule of 8 to 2? Can you take care of the cat this weekend? Your married life binds you a lot: take care of the house, marriage, children, plants die and no one cares for the trees. illusion is to take care of the fruit trees that we have planadola company that is responsible for taking care of the lawn of the stadium.One of the victims is the employee who takes care of the lavabosel porter watches and cares the building as far as he saw the pastor who took care of the herd of the señor.Sus products hypoallergenic pamper and take care of the skin in the most natural way

2 (worry about) [look at furniture; take care of

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do not take care of the casathey do not look after the house at all; they do not take any care of the house

if we do not take care of the environment, we will end up living in a basurerohay that take care of the health

very carefully

3 (pay attention to) [+ details, orthography] to pay attention to; take care over

The obsession to take care of his own image, the business man who takes care of his image from the moment he stepped up. In the mid-sixties, cities began to take care of his cultural image. He was a maniac of good editing and very informative. explanatory, very digestible for the reader: chop the information, put boxes, summaries . I then have always tried to take care of these details a lot, because I think they are essential and what matters in a newspaper is not only the content but also counts the way in which you present that content you take care of the spelling and more than take care of the language of radio and television. A mountaineer who goes to mountains of 8 thousand meters should take great care of the choice of material to care for the forms not only have to worry about acting correctly: we must also take care of the forms

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