Google buys a firm that turns screens into speakers

Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. reportedly has acquired Redux ST, a small United Kingdom -based startup that has developed haptics technology that turns smart device screens into sound speakers. The transfer of shares of Redux's holding company NVF Tech was confirmed by United Kingdom regulatory filings on 13 December, but Crunchbase says the deal happened in August. Should Google use this tech to remove the need for speakers in its future smartphones, it would free up space for other components and perhaps larger batteries, while doing away with bezels altogether.

Google did not provide Bloomberg with any details, including purchasing price or other acquisition information.

United Kingdom tech startup Redux has been acquired by technology giant Google.

Along with this, Redux can also use these vibrations to create haptic feedback when interacting with a display that tries to mimic the feel of touching buttons and moving sliders/dials. The actual deal was reportedly made in August 2017. Redux had managed to raise a total of $5 Million prior to the acquisition but the company has not revealed how much it paid to acquire the startup.

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According to Bloomberg, Redux was purchased via an Ireland-based subsidiary of Google at some point a year ago. Redux has technology that can turn your phone's display into a speaker and also offer a better haptic feedback experience.

Alphabet has a range of potential uses for the technology. If Google doesn't put Redux's technology in a smartphone, it's certainly possible that the company could put it on one of its very own Smart Displays.

At CES 2018, Google mainly focused on promoting its smart speakers and its new line of Smart Display devices, its direct competitor to the Amazon Echo Show.

Google has acquired a United Kingdom startup that can turn mobile device displays into speakers.

  • Toni Ryan