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Gloriosa is a genus of tuberous, herbaceous perennials and deciduous comprising five species in the family of colchicaceae. They are distributed in Asia and tropical Africa and adapted to monsoon climates with a dry season in which they lose the aerial part and enter dormancy. Is often called Glorioso lily or lirio escalante .

Gloriosa climbs or joins other plants with the help of their tendrils at the end of their leaves, being able to reach 3 m of height. Red or orange flowers, distinctive due to their pronouncedly reflecting petals. G. rothschildiana is the national flower of Zimbabwe and Rhodesia was also.

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The most common cultivated species are G. superba and G. rothschildiana

  • English. climbing lily, creeping lily, fire lily, flame lily, gloriosa lily, glory lily
  • Maori (Cook islands): rire vaevae-moa, riri vavai-moa, riri vaviā-moa, vavai moa
Rakahanga-Manihiki: tiare mokora ul>
  • Tongarevan (speech): lili vaevae mokola
  • Tongarevan (written): riri vaevae mokorā

Description [edit] [add listing], [add a comment] [add listing], [add a personal name, or a quick email address] long stamens, hyphae, anthers extrorse, medium-fixed and versatile, open by longitudinal suture, super ovary, 3-cells, carpels united only by their inner margins, numerous uvules, style deflected at the base and projecting from the flower more or less horizontally; fruit capsule loculicid to with many seeds "(Smith, 1979; pp. 141-142).

"Generally occurs from seeds, although mature plants can be divided and grown from tubers. Hard seeds can stay dormant for 6-9 months." (Narain, 1977, quoted in Csurhes and Edwards, 1998, pp. 164-165).

"Southeast Asia and parts of Malaysia, but now widely cultivated" (Smith, 1979; -142)

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