5 curious facts to help you understand better Tokyo Ghoul - Batanga

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime directed by Shuhei Morita ​​strong>, in a faithful adaptation of Sui Ishida's manga and had its premiere in January 2014. Undoubtedly it is one of the most successful anime of the year, his arrival in the Spanish-speaking world led to the massive exodus in search of the manga, which is already coming to its

Tokyo Ghoul In case you're running late with the series, do not worry, we've taken care of no spoilear details .

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Go to the next page to Koutarou Amon is the 11th most popular character in the series according to a survey of fans.

His name, Amon, is the name of an Egyptian god who means "god of all gods."

# 4 Sen Takatsuki

Sen Takatsuki en a fictional author of Tokyo Ghoul , for which Kaneki feels a deep admiration. And although he does not appear in the anime he does it in the manga, as a young girl of about 20 years and of a clueless personality.

# 3 Nervous tics

Kaneki < / strong> has a habit of touching his chin with his left hand whenever he lies or feels uncomfortable, in the manga he is told that he inherited it from his mother. The custom of thundering his fingers was a sequel to his torture in the last episode of the first season.

# 2 Tarot

Throughout Aogiri's bow, when the organization kidnaps Kaneki, constant references are made to number 12. In the Tarot, card number 12 represents The Hanged.

# 1 Parallelism

Did you know these Tokyo Ghoul curios ?

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