Birding La Laguna - Honduran Birds

Alexander Alvarado grew up in Copan Ruins on the western part of Honduras, he became interested in birds many years ago when he was working for Copan Posada Hotel located in this Mayan City, later years he got a job in Macaw Mountain to Bird Park and Nature Reserve located a few miles from Copan and that was his first experience treating birds! an open window for his passion

On 2006 I started investigating Honduran birds in different habitats traveling all over the country, after considering the great diversity of species of birds I started offering birding tours locally in Copan Ruinas. His tours were mainly morning hikes in the Copan River area and the surroundings of Hacienda San Lucas.

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Years later he was part of training courses for birding in different places all over the country, his experience with birds made to all honduran birders to declare him President of the Honduran Ornithological Association on 2013., now he is still member of it, Actually he is in the top list of recommended guides for this country with a great experience leading birding groups and individuals.

His experience had been increased along the time, he has actually been leading birding tours all over Guatemala, Belize and Honduras, on 2015 he had groups coming from all over the world including some individuals and Companies such as: Birdfinders, Nature Trek, Cheepers Birding, Birding Ecotours, Wings Birding Tours, Nature Travel Specialists, Sabrewing tours, Rockjumper birding Tours and many others.

His reputation and bussines are increasing Honduras's birding destination.

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