Say Hello to Google Pay; brought Android Pay and Google Wallet together

One of the biggest questions that many Google users have often pondered upon is - why does Google have two apps which do pretty much the same thing - Google Wallet and Android Pay. Google has announced that "Google Pay" will soon be everywhere. But in 2017, Google's service trailed seriously behind its competitors - Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, according to Juniper Research and payments industry site PYMNTs.

Here's where it gets a little confusing. As like before, the new service also supports developers with a publicly available API access. Is there even a new service to support?

Google is rebranding all its multiple payment methods - which include Android Pay, Google Wallet and the auto fill-in functionality on the Chrome web browser - under a single name, Google Pay. As such, we'll have to wait and see what other changes Google has in store for its payment platforms. Through Google Pay, it is possible to send and receive money from/to your friends/colleagues/family apart from shopping payments.

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The companies are offering $5 off movie ticket orders to anyone using Google Pay on the Fandango Android app and entering the promo code "GooglePay2018". Some use fingerprint authentication, some work on our phones out of the box, other need apps and passwords.

"Some consumers may think this is a totally new payment platform, but in-store mobile payment usage is low anyway, so the largest potential impact will be with online sales, and that's where Google is trying to compete against Amazon, PayPal and the card networks", Pucci said.

  • Desiree Holland