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p> Enjoy our great collection of Plants Vs Zombies games that we have selected for you, as you already know the popular tower defense style game everyone talks about, we have more than 100 different adventures featuring your favorite characters, plants and Zombies of the most popular types and of course we also have the adventure in its original free online version, where we will star in the defense of our garden n next to Dave the Madman . An mate and nete ya. The goal of our game is to stop the advance of the zombies in our garden, for this we have to dispose to all the allied plants and to win suns. One of the main tricks is to put many plants sunflowers to give us extra soles and to be able to buy more allies that defend our garden much more, on the other hand, when completing challenges we can unlock minigames, new friends and putting together our Zen garden is always under the watchful eye of Dave.

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If you want more adventures next to your favorite plant games against zombies then find all that we have in our web, are many and all free, discover a multitude of modes of adventure and fun online in our site of games fan !!!. and 2 or Plants vs Zombies 2 are waiting for you.

  • Adam Floyd