NVIDIA announces Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGDs) with Android built in

It also comes with Google Assistant built in so you can control the entire device using your voice. The new displays are specially targetting the gamers with low latency rate.

The screen is fully compliant with HDR and offers full-array direct backlight delivering 1,000 nits of brightness and the DCI-P3 colour gamut for a top-tier HDR gaming experience.

Hilariously named the Nvidia BFGD, this Big Format Gaming Display clearly derives its name from the classic DOOM weapon, noting its ability to act as both your main TV and your PC monitor. Nvidia is looking to solve that issue with what it calls big format gaming displays, or BFGDs, which it formally unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. These pack in nearly everything you could want: 4K, HDR, and 120 Hz support with 1,000-nit peak luminance and DCI-P3 color gamut.

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These BFGDs are demoing at CES 2018, if you want to visit the NVIDIA gaming suite, or the ASUS ROG showcase room, or even HP's booth. Very smooth and tear-free gaming is also promised thanks to the inclusion of Nvidia G-Sync. In other words, it means this BFGD is also Android TV system. Shield lets you stream Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and many other popular channels.

BFGDs for 2018 will be released by ACER, ASUS, and HP. No more tearing and splitting screens during your awesome 4K gaming.

It'll be interesting to see how much these cost, since all the extra built-in Shield technology plus making it a low-latency panel should add some price premium it wouldn't have if it were just a TV.

  • Desiree Holland