The ESPN Novena: The Most Valuable and The Non-Regolating Phenomenon

  • Damián D'Averhoff | ESPN Digital

1. THE BROMISTS SAY THAT MONEY does not mean happiness, but who knows how to imitate it very well. And if the "greenbacks" deal, it has just been made public that the New York Yankees retain the most valuable franchise status in the major leagues. Although they have not won the World Series since 2009, according to Forbes magazine, which in the last 20 years has spent time developing this list, the value of the Bronx Mules is $ 3.7 billion dollars. That digit grew from 3.4 billion in 2016. In the franchise table, pending the update of the list that includes all sports in 2017, the Yankees would be beating Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​who in the list of 2016 appeared with a value of 3.650 billion and 3.550 billion respectively. The most valuable sports franchise in 2016 was that of the Dallas Cowboys with 4.2 billion.

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2. ANOTHER THAT THAT SEEMS TO SEEK happiness through the greenbacks is Japanese Shohei Otani, 22 (July 5, 1994), who is compared to Babe Ruth for his ability to hit ( .275 AVE / .347 OBP / .492 SLUG / .891 OPS for life, with 40 HR and 135 CI) and throw (39 wins and 13 losses, 2.49 ERA and 595 strikeouts in 517.2 innings thrown). According to estimates, his contract could reach $ 200 million, but he would have to wait until he was 25 years old. Reason why he hinted in an interview with CBS that its breakthrough in the majors could take longer than expected. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, the maximum amount that an MLB team can put on the table to sign a player under the age of 22 is ten million dollars. Otani will apparently wait; I would do the same.

  • Adam Floyd