The bravest chili in the worldThe bravest chili in the world

The spicy or heat of a chile depends on seven closely related alkaloids or capsaicinoids.

In the early 1900s, Wilbur L. Scoville invented a test to determine the relative spice of various chilies.

Capsaicin from a chile of a certain weight was extracted with alcohol and mixed in various concentrations with sweetened water.

Human testers were asked to determine at what point hot spicy.

The volume of water required for each sample was assigned a rating in Scoville units. The larger the number, the more water was needed and the chili was more spicy. A high pressure liquid chromatography examination replaced this technique in the early 1980s, but measurements are still expressed in Scoville units.

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The following chiles are listed from the most spicy to the least spicy, according to Scoville units.

Red Caribbean _100,000,445,000

Red _ 80,000,285,000 Scotch Bonnet_ 80,000,260,000

Jamaican Hot _100,000,200,000

Cayenne _ 50,000.70,000

Piquin _ 30,000.50,000

Thai Dragon _ 35,000.40,000

Yellow Wax 5,000.15,000 Jalapeño 2.500.5000

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  • Adam Floyd