Follow, caution! and high! Good eating guide for children

Some definitions to help you understand the contents of the table:

Added fats or sauces: you will see that vegetables belong to the "follow" food category only when prepared without fats or sauces added. That is, when they are boiled, steamed, grilled or baked without adding butter, oil or sauces.

Light syrup and dense syrup: frozen foods belong to the "follow" foods category because they contain no added sugars. But sometimes the fruits canned with syrup. Light syrup is fine, so canned fruits in this type of syrup are included in the "caution!" Food category. But the dense syrup is very sweet, which forces you to include canned fruits in this type of syrup in the "high!" Category.

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Integral: Whole fiber contains more fiber and nutrients than white or refined flour, which is used to make white bread, non-integral pasta and many other foods. Instead of eating foods made with refined flour, try to eat foods that contain any of the following ingredients:

Whole wheat Whole grain corn oats Whole oats Whole wheat flour brown rice / strong> hydrogenated fats belong to this category. It has been proven that this type of fats, which are used to prepare many crackers, crackers, are the most unhealthy for the heart.

Lean Veal and Extramagra: It is probably your mother or father who decides what kind of minced meat to buy. Veal mince is used to make hamburgers, meatballs, stuffing of the empanadas and the like. But there is not a single type of beef mince. In the stores this meat is sold with different amounts of fat. The healthiest - extramagra - is the one that has the least amount of fat, so it belongs to the category of foods "follow". Minced lean beef has a little more fat, so it should be included in the "caution!" Food category. Minced beef with all its fat is the one with the highest percentage of fat, so it belongs to the "high!" Food category.

Now that you know the difference between foods : "follow", "caution!" and "high!", you can make smart choices to eat healthily!

  • Adam Floyd