Corrupted Hippos V: 2

There is a moment in the life of every teenager, when one picks up the T-rule and thinks "che ... this is shaped like a guitar", then puts the record with the single most priu priu priu of the disco, but the young people of today, even though they have fled to the mandates of pop music, do not have, unless they are initiated, a band that you say " when I grab this, I'm going to have to re-rule the T-rule. "So for the new generations, I bring everything that anyone who tried it in music ever imagined, even if I do not want to admit it. I'm talking about November Rain by Guns N 'Roses.

For those unfamiliar with the video here have it, then comes a thorough analysis of its content.

It starts with rain, we imagine it is November, although they do not put any calendar or anything, so we can being shitting, capable that it is not even raining, but hey, the thing is that Axl stings a little cocaine, then takes some pills and lies down. Now there is a theater, full of well dressed people watching Guns N 'Roses, so we know it is a dream. Then it appears as a small chapel in the middle of the desert, and axl playing the piano in there ... but suddenly the chapel disappears! and Axl is playing the piano in the open air, they look like an FWOOOSH effect when the chapel disappears. Axl does not seem to be bothered, but he sure is screwed up, this can not be more than the work of some probably alien blaster. For now it paints well.

Slash is a rude, first forget the ring, second is smoking a little there, in the middle of the wedding and now, once he gives the ring is like "ta, yes, the wedding is very nice and everything, but I have to get out of here right now and play a damn single. " That added to the suspicion that he was giving to Axl's wife. We already know why they separated, it's all here. The first approach of the ALIEN

They leave the chapel, Arroz, that surely was put in the chabomba to the mine, but ta, when you pay $ 8000 you will not complain. The girl is sad in the car. Able that she has contact with the demons. and knows that it will be put together. we will see. Axl walks alone at night. Something's wrong. Able that is after the attack. If it was during, he would surely enter the arms shop through which he passes. Now they're at the wedding party ... and in the past? The cameras are like old, could it be that this is type in the 50? who knows ...

Well, it started to rain. But it seems that the attack also came, sisisi, the people throw themselves up on the tables, they pick, some hide under the tables. Surely now comes a blaster ray and disintegrates the cap to slash.

This can not go through a few drops.

Well, catonga was armed, in the slash theater he climbed the piano! Will another church have financed this video? now it's a funeral. According to wikipedia the tipa was shot in the capocha, so there is a mirror in the middle of the face. But surely some shot of the Martians gave or dropped the knife of the cake on the head. See, Slash, it's all right for you to be rebellious and all, seriously, you're sending one with terrible power and all, but, you're at a funeral, can you take off your shitty hat and close your shirt? It's too much to ask, I say, if you did not like Axl you could have stayed in your house, I do not know.

No, no, here everyone acts like they have to act when it rains and is outdoors. They open a fucking umbrella.

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The video closes for some reason with Axl masturbating in bed ... oh, sure, because the wife is dead.

So guys already know , get your T-rule and take care of the alien demons.

  • Adam Floyd