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By Nick Gromicko

Carpet beetles are domestic pests that can destroy various household items. Inspection and knowledge of their habits can prevent costly destruction.

Life cycle and habits

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Carpet beetles (females) 50 to 100 small, white and pearled eggs on protected surfaces near a food source, such as lint around skirting boards, ducts in boiler systems, and clothing made from wool in storage. Larvae appear once eggs are broken after 6 to 11 days in warm weather, although they may require more time in cold weather. The life span of the larva is 250 to 650 days, mostly spent on digging for protein rich food in dark areas. By the time the larvae reach their adulthood, carpet beetles will live for only a few weeks or more months, and will no longer damage household items. Unlike larvae, adults are attracted to light and can be found flying around the windows or feeding on pollen outdoors.

Damage and Inspection

Carpenter beetle larvae prefer to feed in dark and sheltered places, consuming and damaging wool, fur, silk, cashmere, and synthetic and cellulose based fibers containing some animal fibers. Check for larvae and their skins emptied under skirting boards, and inside and under upholstered furniture, air ducts, dolls, grain and grain awaited, abandoned nests of birds and wasps under eaves, and in attics, and cabinets . Stored items are vulnerable to severe damage, so periodically inspect woolen fabrics and other prone articles. Also, inspect for improperly sealed windows, as those are likely entry points for carpet beetles, although insects are small enough that it may be impossible to prevent their entry completely.

Treatments without chemicals

  • Sanitation is the best way to avoid infestations caused by carpet beetles. Vacuum and bar frequently carpets, curtains, cabinets, drawers, upholstery, air ducts, corners, skirting boards, and other places where hair and yarn accumulate.
  • Wash your clothes to remove adults, larvae, eggs or pupae. Be sure to throw away badly infested pieces.
  • Remove dead insects and rodents. Carpet beetles feed on animal waste, including their droppings and corpses, so be sure to inspect dead insects, especially around haywalls, and control any rodent population in your home. Avoid poisonous baits, like a dying mouse can be found faster by beetles than by you.
  • Rigorously inspect second hand items before bringing them home and wash them immediately, such as carpet beetles a Households are often touched in clothing, rugs, blankets, and other items that come from animals.
  • Seal windows and other openings tightly, especially near flowers and shrubs, where adults can In summary, carpet beetles are a common source of domestic damaged items, and care should be taken to prevent infestation.

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