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He is the Archangel of change, of transmutation, of happiness, who helps us to leave the painful memories that do so badly in our lives, is the archangel of piety, of forgiveness, who is going helping to remove the "pebbles" that we find along our way and to live with greater optimism. He is the one who frees us from the pain of so-called karma, is an extremely kind archangel, of mercy and justice.

His color is violet, his day of the week is Saturday, his name means " God". Help us to free ourselves from painful processes, it is the Angel of memories, of memory, helps us to remember.

When you want to make a prayer, close your eyes, and imagine surrounded by violet light everything bad, painful, which prevents us from advancing and ask to take your prayers to God the Father to give you all the potential you have.

If at some point in your life you find yourself in a sea of ​​negative thoughts , asks for your help to transform all that environment into positive and happy things.

In the most difficult times ask for the company of Archangel Zadkiel, who embraces you with his wings and violet light and change everything around you.

The violet color helps to cleanse, purify, so it helps in cases of anxiety, despair, depression, helps regain emotional stability, allows us to get out of our lives bad addictions and everything that holds back our success.

When you can not forgive someone or to yourself, ask for help from Archangel Zadkiel, for as long as we do not forgive there will be no deliverance and thus we do not live completely in peace.

If you are a student and believe in the Archangels, ask for his intercession in times of study and exams

When we have misplaced things we need, we ask for your help to find them more easily.


I ask from the bottom of my heart for your help,

Your guide and heavenly protection

before this need I have

(Here your request )

You who change the negative by the positive

Please help me out of what is overwhelming me,

So let me forgive myself first

And so I can forgive others.

so to have a fuller, quieter life

more free, more full of joy and kindness.

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I ask you for the students


in and out of the classroom,

to become a graduate

and do good for the projimo

for themselves.

Withdraw from my life all depression,

anxiety, anxiety, fears and frustrations that only hinder my progress

and stop my path to success,

May your blessed wings embrace

and calm my mind and my al ma.

Take away all the difficulties,

enemies and everything

that makes me unable to advance,

Thank you dear Archangel Zadquiel

I know that you have taken

to Heavenly Father

This prayer that so longs for my life.

So be it Amen!

By Alejandra Robles

  • Adam Floyd