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Logic Problem Solution Fun Pix at Photo Magik

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By clue 1, John was the first and King the second of the five to have their computer images taken; while by clue 8, Mark was last to have a picture made. By clue 6, Cruise's turn followed that of the teen who had himself made into the President of the United States; since the latter is not King (4) and since Mark is not Cruise (8), the smiling "President" was third and Cruise fourth to have their images done. Dan Ford (5) must be the one who had himself portrayed as the President. John and Mark are Ash and Walsh or vice versa; and Cruise and King are Rick and Tom or vice versa. By clue 7, neither John nor Mark had himself put into Cal Ripken's uniform; by clue 2, King has a computer picture of himself playing shortstop for the Orioles. By clue 9, then, King is Tom and Rick Cruise. By clue 3, Rick's computer portrait is the Jedi Master Yoda. John had himself made into one of the Back Street Boys, and Mark became wrestling star Stone Cold Steve Austin (11). John is Walsh and Mark Ash (10). The five teens had their computer pictures made, in order, at Photo Magik as follows:

  • John Walsh as Back Street Boys member Tom King as Baltimore Oriole Cal Ripken < Star Wars
  • Mark Ash as the WWF wrestler Stone Cold Steve
  • Dan Ford as President of the United States Austin

  • Adam Floyd