Cloud Forest Mountains

Coto Brus, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. A short distance from the Panama border, the site is in a coastal mountain region at an elevation of more than 5000 '. Surrounded by farms and tracts of virgin forest above the river valley with various waterfalls. The area is outside the normal tourist path and offers a glimpse into traditional "Tico" life.

Nearby are Guaymi and Baruca indigenous villages. Reached by most international airlines to the capital, San Jose, the site is 7 hours by bus and 5 hours by car. Taxis provide service to and from the destination (6 $ US). Located in the cloud forest with moderate temperatures from 80f / 27c (day) to 60f / 15c (night).

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Typical rain forest with abundant morning sun and afternoon storms with clear nights. Winds keep the area somewhat humid than coastal regions. *** We encourage artists to eat when the rains fall from May-Nov. The rains usually eat in the afternoons and rarely last all day.

For early risers, there is almost always sun. The area is somewhat cooler than the coast and can sometimes be chilly at night or after a hard rain. The rainforest is called thus, because of rain.

We are well equipped for comfort during rains. Flowers, fruits, and ambience are incredibly inspiring during the tropical cloud forest rains. It provides a wonderful time to dive into the depths of the muse.

  • Adam Floyd