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Carbohydrates are an important element in the diet, and many foods that are high in carbohydrates are high in fiber and phytonutrients. Good carbs are fruits, vegetables and some whole grains. The need for carbohydrates should be met by consuming five to nine servings a day of various kinds of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in substances beneficial to the body. If you need more carbohydrates, you should consume them in the form of whole grains and legumes (eg, beans) to meet those needs. The concept of low carbohydrate diets restricts grams of carbohydrates to such a low level that people who follow these diets can not get many of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

carbohydrates are made up of atoms of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, without any nitrogen, and are decomposed into sugars, such as glucose and fructose, or excreted from the body without being digested. Those carbohydrates excreted without having been digested or those that are partially or completely digested by colonic bacteria are known as

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Hidden Simple Sugars

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Starch digestion begins in the mouth thanks to the presence of salivary amylase. As in the case of proteins, most of the digestion occurs in the jejunal intestinal mucosa, which has both digestive enzymes and specific transport systems for sugars.

and sucrose are the combination of two different interconnected sugars. Lactose is made up of galactose and glucose, while table sugar, or sucrose, is made up of glucose and fructose.

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Dextrose high fructose is made from corn through a process that ends with 55 percent without fructose and 45 percent without glucose, roughly equivalent to table sugar. The flavors of dextrose, sucrose or table sugar and fructose are different. Fructose is a sweeter sugar and is found in fruits, like oranges. Dextrose tastes like pancake syrup and is the main sweetener of cola drinks in the United States. In some countries, such as in Mexico, sucrose is used to sweeten cola drinks and this clearly differentiates them from their American counterparts.

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The problem with dextrose is not its chemical character per se but rather the enormous amount present in the diet due to government subsidization of corn, which has made it used in many foods, including soft drinks, adding calories to the diet . Studies suggest that the obesity epidemic is related to:

  • Consumption of large amounts of high fructose dextrose (HFCS)
  • A sedentary lifestyle / li>
Understanding carbohydrates Carbs have a bad reputation, thanks in part to the recent popularity of so-called low carbohydrate diets and high proteins for weight loss. The classification of foods in carbohydrates, proteins or fats is very misleading, since very few foods are made up of a single macronutrient, and the quality of the food can vary considerably. A high-carbohydrate diet could be one based on plant-based foods, whole-food diet with fruits and vegetables rich in phytonutrients, with a moderate amount of whole grains and healthy low-fat proteins to balance food needs.

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But since sugars, refined flour products (such as white bread and pasta) and refined grains white) are considered carbohydrates, a diet that is based primarily on refined grains, even if it is low in fat, could also be very high in calories because low fiber grain foods generally do not quench hunger. > Andrés Abella whatsapp 57-3105893370

You need to eat fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, essential oils every day in daily servings, for that is the Herbalife cellular nutrition that supplements, Andres Abella whatsapp 57-3105893370

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