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Cape Ivy (Senecio angulatus) is an evergreen plant of the Compositae family and native to southern Africa. It is creeping and / or climbing, being able to reach a length of several meters. The stems and branches grow entangled giving leafy appearance. The leaves are alternate, petiolate, of fleshy consistency and with the limbo of deltoid form and the rimmed edge, sometimes, irregularly; acuminate at the end and bright green color.

HYDRO OF CAPE: Senecio angulatus

The chapters are arranged in a terminal inflorescence, with ligand flowers and the interior of intense yellow color. Flowers in autumn-winter. The fruit is an achene. In gardening it is used as a upholsterer and / or climber, for its lushness and beautiful flowering. Requires moisture and mild climate, with sunny exposure. It is rustic and of easy growth, being able to become invasive in certain zones. Can not stand frost. To distinguish it from other senecios you can enter ornamental trees

HYDRO OF THE CABLE: Senecio angulatus

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