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Hello, I should have done this post awhile but my mood has not been the best, my life has taken a very big turn suddenly everything has changed, nothing is the same anymore. I'm trying to adapt to my new reality and I confess that I lost a bit the desire to work here on the blog! But life goes on and I've always had a great taste for all of this and I'm going to start over again with even more taste and dedication!

- Today's post is about these three I Heart Makeup Palettes , these palettes are doubled from Too Faced palettes, namely Chocolate Bar, Semi-sweet, Chocolate Bon-Bons, Peach and so on. The colors are even very identical, Chocolate also smells like chocolate like the Chocolate Bar . These palettes are much cheaper, have optimum pigmentation, a mix of 16 shimmer and matte colors, full size mirror and applicator.

More news: La Almunya del Sur - Andalusian botanical garden

- I already have a few (a small collection), got these at the most or less two weeks taking advantage of a promotion in the site of Primor, the 3x2 promotion, that is to buy 3 products of the brand, being only two is paid, these promotions are quite frequent and in several brands. I took advantage of the fact that I really wanted the Salted Caramel palette and had not yet had the opportunity to buy it.

- See below each one in more detail and colors:


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