Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba at Parallel Oaxaca (Contemporary Art Daily)

Artist: Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba

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Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, Three Light Considerations on Money, Art and Nation, December 8, 2016 , Performance, Video by Lorena Ancona

Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, How to print a mural ?, 2016, in situ documentation, Video by Lorena Ancona

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Translation: Bernardo Núñez Magdaleno

from the South Korean wink of the twelfth and the seventh letter of the Latin alphabet, from the mermaid with a tail sowing social responsibility
and with the other traffic with the cafe coffee,
from the private ridge of the owners birds
while surfing in the aquifers, from the headache
and the cirrhosis in the OXXO,
from the American eagle resting its shadow on the breasts shot of the gore proletariat
5 liquideces surrounded by nopales and magnetic spines,
enduring the collapse
-as leech that finds a stalactite of blood in a cataract

hooked to a volatile testicle of state plaster
administrator of monetary interdimensional funds,
that from the ceiling distributes testosterone nuggets,
to developing economies
dependent on space and time air curvilinear
rel orientation active of the Mexican
-contemporary to all the exchange rates-
who looks at an eagle and knows he has to live his life,
who looks at a snake and knows that without a heart, > that looks at a weight and knows that it does not weigh and still weigh it

That same transnational air
the private snout of the Chicago Boys
plastic integrations
disintegrates, for example, the Étant donnés anticipated by Frida Kahlo and the belated naked Nude coming down a ladder
Diego Rivera
such bodies do not rip the clouds
even if they inflate their veins with helium,
Bank of Mexico is a heavy flow
through and close the heart,
bathes Kahlo and Rivera easel paints and flow, cardiac arrhythmia, sweat and feeling
manages weight expression
- in pesos - of his own image,
AI [and here (in the bracket of the parenthesis that gives air to an image) price is not concept, it is sensitive, specific and concrete experience, a perception] HD resolution to the legal frame of an image,
-and not to the framed image-
in as much to the weakness of attraction of its pixels towards the Earth
and the vis of the real subsumption
the value of gravitational change of its photons.

Link: Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba at Parallel Oaxaca

  • Adam Floyd