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Security means the prioritization of human life and human dignity. That means an end to the strategy of enforcement through deterrence, which pushes individuals to harsh and deadly terrain, as well as other enforcement techniques that lead to a loss of life. It means special respect for the dignity of indigenous communities along the border and their right to cultural preservation and autonomous government and culture, without interference from Border Patrol.

Security means protection of individuals fleeing violence. Those individuals should be treated with dignity and given a fair opportunity to present their case. They must not be re-traumatized by prolonged detention, isolation and lack of legal representation. They should be treated as victims of violence and not threats to our society.

Security means respect for local decision-making and leadership in our border communities. Community members should be able to trust local law enforcement, which means that local agencies should be able to engage in community policing and address the needs of the area without the intervention of Border Patrol.

Security means protection of our unique and beautiful natural environment. Wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, national forests, and other protected lands on the border host of diverse species and critical ecosystems. These spaces must be guarded from the harmful environmental impacts of vehicles, barriers, roads and technology.

We call on our community members and government officials to truly work toward these forms of community security and protection.

San Solano

Southern Arizona Interfaith

Southside Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Nogales

St. Francis in the Foothills Church

The Good Shepherd United Church of Christ, Sahuarita, AZ

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  • Adam Floyd