Dream Journeys into the Second Attention | Following the Trail of the Plumed Serpent as Kukulkan to the Land of the Maya & ndash; Yucatan

When Carlos Castaneda and Carol Tiggs visited Yucatan, they deepened their bond with their "seeing" being in many ways. From the porous limestone filled with underground channels of fresh water, they received a lightness of being unparalleled. From the interactions with the peoples who live there, they remembered their interconnectedness with all life, an easy quality to see in the expression of the Mayas sharing their hearts.

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And to visit some of the same sites ceremonials, which we are going to visit at our retreat, received a deeper bond and knowledge of their own line of seers; they could feel firsthand how the tradition of the feathered serpent fused Kukulkan - the rain bearer and the Mayan life - with the Toltec Quetzalcoatl - a symbol of eternal life and transformation.

In our tour will revive our own abilities to see and dream and receive our own treasures. Tempered by our time dedicated to the practice of Tensegrity® movements and dream practices, we will have the opportunity to experience our own connection with the silent knowledge and the new visions it brings.

  • Adam Floyd