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There is a famous phrase that says "The garbage of some is the treasure of others" . For your garbage can also become your own treasure! Instead of contributing to the world with more and more junk on a daily basis, you can reuse some of the things you usually throw to the dump to do ingenious projects that will add an eco-friendly touch to your home without losing its chic appeal. Here are 15 ideas to let your imagination run wild and inspire you to create new useful products from what you used to call "waste":

> 1. Watermaker

Use a plastic gallon of milk or water to water your plants without the need for you to stand every day with watering the hose. Make holes in the bottom of the container and bury it next to your plants for slow irrigation.

2. Silica gel

Those annoying packages that come in the boxes of your new shoes or bags are not completely useless as you thought. You can take advantage of them for various things like: moisture-free documents as well as the lenses of your cameras. Here you can see a list with 18 ways to reuse silica gel bags.

3. Corks

The corks of those wines that you enjoyed the weekend are quite useful. You can do so many things with them, that it would be almost impossible to name them all in one post. But for starters, you can make keychains that float in the water, pose glasses, artworks to decorate your wall, you can plant small succulent plants, make a nice house for birds, etc.

4. Bird feeder

Protect your precious oak table or other woods from the stains when your children or a guest with little fine motor skills throws a glass of wine or glass of water. Put a layer of newspapers under the tablecloth to absorb more liquid and take time to bring a cloth to dry.

6. Refrigerator and freezer

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Place a jar or container with your coffee beans used inside the freezer and the refrigerator to avoid smells.

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Keep your plants protected from ants and slugs by pouring the remains of your used coffee beans around them.


8. Tea Bags Save your used tea bags in the refrigerator and use them the next morning to put them on your eyes and lighten the bags underneath them. If you want you can moisten them a bit with ice water.

9. Old Clothes

Wear these old sweatshirts or t-shirts to make a cool mask for your head when you feel pain or have a fever or to relieve the bags under your eyes. Cut the napkin from the edges and leave a hole to fill it with peas or beans. Then keep it in the freezer or freezer until you want to use it.

10. Birthdays

Your children's birthdays can have an environmental touch.

Use the rolls of toilet paper to make clever decorations that they will love. Green containers

Toilet rolls are also very useful for planting your seedlings and even wrapping small gifts in an attractive way.

  • Adam Floyd