Timely and cost-effective solutions to prepare your

(BPT) - The fun chaos of the holiday season is just around the corner, with family gatherings to plan, delicious meals to prepare, gifts to look for and buy, and a home for decorate & amp; hellip; And just to mention a few tasks!

As the season of receiving guests is approaching supersonic speed, it's time to beautify the house to look like new. In the festive season, your time is precious, so, to make the most of your days - and your budget - try these easy solutions to prepare for the holiday season, and maintain mental health.

A new coat of paint is a quick and easy option to give a new look to your home, at affordable prices. Consider starting with the most frequently used rooms, but do not forget the guest bedrooms and bathrooms. To make the most of your efforts, use a paint with the durability and durable color qualities you need. Valspar Reserve, available at Lowe's, is stain-resistant and fades, and allows you to quickly clean any brand without damaging the paint, even if your guests accidentally rub the walls with their bags.

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A simple way to to decorate year after year for the holidays of end of year, is to use an artificial tree. Lowe's offers four pre-lit trees with LED lights that change color, which means that you can transform the appearance and color of the tree by just pressing a pedal, making the decorating process even easier. In the case of a formal dinner, the white lights create the perfect atmosphere. And if you want to delight children, you just have to switch to the multiple color option.

Although having guests at home involves more human traffic and the possibility of clutter and dirt, you do not have to worry about those inevitable spills and stains. STAINMASTER carpets available at Lowe's are 30 percent more stain resistant than other brands, and with new carpets on the floor, you will achieve a new look that will not cause you any stress when a guest arrives for the weekend parties

Perennial potted plants, decorated with lights, bring festive feelings to any room. The best news is that when spring comes, you can plant them in your yard, or donate them to a community project that needs perennial trees. The use of live plants gives light and good oxygen to the room, and it is the subtle touch that your guests will appreciate and remember.

With these timely tips, you - and your home - will be ready for a season festive celebration.

  • Adam Floyd