Michael Miller - Aviary Aqua - Birds - Cotton Fabric BTY - Choose Your Cut from TheFabricCobbler at Etsy Studio

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If you need a custom listing for several smaller cuts, that's why you do not pay too much, please let me know. It's almost impossible to get Etsy to calculate it properly and we do not want you to overpay shipping. It's impossible to enter the weights of each small cut we have listed in the listing. Etsy does not allow it. We can enter a weight for the whole listing but this is not accurate since we have 1/3 yd, 1/2 yd, 2/3 yd and 3/4 yd and listed in addition to the full yard. We want to help you with your listing so please do not hesitate! You will also need a custom listing if you need more than three full yards. We can fit up to 12 yards in a flat rate padded mailer.
We put our fabric in plastic bags if it is in a priority envelope or box. We do not use a plastic bag inside our Tyvek poly mailers. We know that we need extra protection for USPS mailers. We do not trust how much they throw their packages.
I will happily fulfill custom orders. Please convo me with your request. Additional yardage is sometimes, but not always, available. Please inquire if you need multiple yardage in a continuous cut.
I do not discount yardage simply because you purchased several yards. This is a brick and mortar quilt shop, not a chain store. We do not receive discounts per yard from our designers just because we buy at high number of yards. Our price is about $ 1 to $ 2 below what is market retail. Our service, willingness to do anything to help our customers match fabrics, plan projects, and more is well worth the price of our fabric.

  • Adam Floyd