Edelrose & gt; Hybrid tea rose

Explanation: I would swear that "Edelrose" is synonymous with "moderner Teehybrid" (in parentheses on the page you indicate). > On some Internet pages they explain the following of the «Edelrosen»:

Als Alte Rosen werden alle Sorten bezeichnet, die vor 1867 - dem Beginn der modernen Rosenzüchtung - existiert haben. 1867 entstand in Frankreich die erste Teehybride (Edelrose) "La France". Die Bezeichnung "Teehybride" bezieht sich auf die Abstammung aus einer Remontant-Rose und einer Teerose. Allerdings war "La France" nicht das Ergebnis einer geplanten Kreuzung, ihre Bedeutung wurde erst rund 12 Jahre später erkannt und als eigene Klasse anerkannt.

And the same is explained, for example, on the following page in Spanish In 1867 a discovery revolutionized the international floral world: Guillot de
France created for the first time in botanical history the first specimen of rose and hybrid tea, which it called La France. The invention came by chance, when Guillot was trying to improve an orange rose. The result was a very fragrant flower with a long flowering, distinct in size and characteristics to the roses that there were until then.

The Ancient Rosales are the varieties that existed before 1887, the year in which the first Tea Hybrid appeared ('La France'). http: //www.infojardin.com/rosales/tipos_de_rosales.htm

Also, in http://www.infojardin.com/fichas/rosas/rosales-hibrido-de- a list of the hybrid tea roses containing the varieties that appear on the page that you indicate.

Thank you for asking, because until now I did not know that the rose bush I have is a hybrid of tea. The saying goes, "You will never go to bed without knowing one more thing."
Good evening!

Let's continue with the subject:
According to Cameliaim says, they could be "noble roses" or "grandifloras", but the term "noble roses" hardly appears on the Internet (compared to the crowd of "Treffer" Edelrose ') and the definition of' grandifloras' (multi-colored stems) does not coincide with 'Edelrose' (an ihrem Stiel bluht meistens nur eine Blüte). From what I have seen on the Internet, the Grandiflora roses are modern roses, but they are not hybrids of tea:

Rosa Grandiflora
Grandiflora roses were crosses between the Hybrids of Tea and Floribundas. The 'Queen Elizabeth' was introduced in 1954 along with the new English Monarch and both are still strong. I like this flower for almost every place in the country. Still some hardness problems in the group and still only moderate resistance to diseases. Higher plants that make good barriers and specimens.

On the other hand, all names of "Edelrose" that appear in the section of "hybrids of tea" in the page of "infojardin" (including some that in the page that you indicate appear like "Edelrose (moderne Rose)", thus, without specifying that they are hybrids: for example, the Landora).

So, it seems that Edelrose is usually used as a synonym for Teehybride, but to make it look like just mud for home, here is one of the few references that defines Edelrosen in another way:

Edelrosen - Edelrosen sind großblumig, langstielig, wenig verzweigt und daher gute Schnittrosen. Zu dieser Gruppe zählen die Teerosen, Teehybriden und Remontantrosen. http://www.kordes-rosen.com/deutsch/service/faq.asp

(The ' Remontantrosen "would be the" perpetual hybrids ", a variety of ancient roses, according to Infojardín.)

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