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I was trying to puncture the balloon with a hole, I punched the ball with a nail, I was trying to puncture the balloon with a nail. [+ tire, wheel] to puncture

I have punctured the wheels and tires have been slashed

have punctured one of the tires of my bicycle

3 (comer) to nibble a few taquitos de quesowe nibbled (at) a few cubes of cheese

click on an olive

4 (put an injection a) to give a jab to (familiar); to give a shot to (familiar)

we had to prick it to calm the pain we had to give him jab or shot to ease the pain

me I'm scared to death every time the practitioner has to pinch me and I do not have to go to the doctor to punch him in the ass with a needle

I got an antibiotic I got an antibiotic jab or have had to give you two doses of tranquillizer

5 (stab) to knife

threatened to prick him if he did not Give me the money, if you do not want me to punch you with a razor.

7 to provoke) to wind sb up (familiar)

I'm always pinchandohe's always winding me up (familiar)


pinchar discosto deejay (familiar); be a disc jockey

is dedicated to pinching discos disks discs in a fashionable disco

1 (pruning) [+ thorn] to prick to be careful with the rosal, that pinchacareful of the rosebush, it's prickly or it will prick you

your beard pinchaes a thorn that pricks


Contact Us | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

(to have a punch) to get a puncture

we punctured out of the bend we got a puncture coming out of the bend

3 (Spain) (falasar) to come a cropper (familiar)

we have played with this projectwe have a cropper with this project (familiar);

5 (Chile) (to call)

When I was young pinchaba hartowhen he was young

I've had a lot of girlfriends; to hit with algnto get off with sb (familiar)

they came out to pinch them with two guys at the party

> 1 (nail) (prick, arm) to prick os

I've been pricked with a needleI've pricked myself with a needle; have you stuck in your foot? p>

2 (bursting) [+ balloon, ball] to burst; [+ tire, wheel] to puncture

we were punched the wheel we got a puncture; have a tire pinchadoto have a puncture; have a flat tire

I have to go to the mechanic because I have one of the tires pinchadostengo a tire pinchadose has punctured the globose punctured the ball with a huge nail that was in the road

3 (Med) [+ antibiotic, insulin] to inject the with

I have to prick myself insulin every dayI have to inject myself with insulin every day; today I do not have to go prick itI do not have to go for an injection today

that he was 10 years old

4 (to get up) to shoot up (familiar)

there was a man punching himself in the alley shoots heroin (family)

he's been hit heroin again after a few months of rehabilitation has stopped pincharseya I do not crack coca, now I've passed the horse

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