Bitterly cold temps are here - and they're sticking around

The metro area could be looking at lows in the 20s or even the teens on New Year's Eve, according to forecasters.

That could be our last snow of the year, but more frigid weather is expected to follow: Expect a high of 8 Friday with a low of minus-6.

At least now in Billings the temperatures are above zero, but not by much.

In Ocean City, expect a low of 13 degrees Wednesday night, then a high of 27 degrees and low of 13 Thursday, according to the weather service.

The front could bring a wintry mix of rain, freezing rain or sleet with it sometime in the early week, though there is only a 20 percent chance of rain for Sunday and Monday at this time. Friday's predicted high of 35 will be met with "another reinforcing blast of cold air during the day", Hooper said, with a low of around 19. Saturday's temperature will reach a high of minus 9 degrees and hit a low of minus 20 degrees, and Sunday's temperatures will be relatively the same.

"Wind chills of this magnitude could cause frostbite in less than 30 minutes", the service said in a hazardous weather advisory. The low at night will be around 10, with wind chill values as low as zero.

Bitterly cold temps are here - and they're sticking around

Simpson said morning commuters Wednesday and Thursday should try to wear face masks and hats, if possible.

Monday, New Year's Day, it will be sunny with a high near 16, the weather service said.

Moody said most of the calls were for people who needed help getting out of snowy driveways, had dead auto batteries or had locked their keys in the vehicle while warming it up.

And it's going to get colder as the day goes on, with temperatures expected to drop to 45 degrees this afternoon. The wind pattern can mean unusually cold winters for the Great Plains, weather experts say.

"They depend on us for their safety and well-being", he said.

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  • Adam Floyd