daxa rabalea: Rabbits in bulk + pattern

Hello !! How are they?

to include direct link to the bunny pattern in pdf

Last month was the birthday of 1 year old son of my friend Julia. He is called Agustin, but those who follow me for some time know him as Titus, is what I call him and the way I presented them here on the blog.

Between Julia and I made the souvenirs, she is also a weaver and recently decided to write her own blog !! You can go and visit it in Tejiendo Sueños.

His idea was to knit bunnies ... and this was my contribution:

We made 20 bunnies each. We agreed on the thickness of the thread, the size of the needle and in a pattern that was coming out little by little, trying and testing ... and we want to share here:

Head and body

1) 6-pound hoop [6]

2) 6 increases [12] (3 bp - 1 æg) x 6 [30]

6) (4 bp - 1 aum) x6 [36]

7 to 11) 36 bp [36] 12) (4 bp - 1 dism) x6 [ / p>

13) (3 pb - 1 dism) x6 [24]

Locate the eyes between turns 9 and 10 with 6 separation points and embroider the nose. (1 pb - 1 dism) x6 [12]

16) (2 pb - 1 dism) (1 bp - 1 æg) x 6 [18]

(pb-1) x6 [24]

20 to 22) 24 pb [24]

23) (2 pb-1 dism) x6 [18 (1 pb-1 dism) x6 [12]

25) 6 dism [6]

1 (2 pb-1) 4 pb (4 pb) [4]

2) 4 increases [8]

3) 8 pb [8] 5 pb [5]

15 pb [15]

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7 to 9) 12 pb [12]

(1 pb - 1 dism) x3 [6]

1) Aro of 6 bp [6]

2) 6 increases [12]

4 and 5) 18 pb [18]

6) (1 pb - 1 dism) x6 [12]

7) 6 dism [6]


You can download it in PDF with the explanation of the lollipop palette here.

In addition, Julia worked on some signs that every bunny would take with her. He was trimming, painting and putting up posters with holy patience. And just as this happened during the days that my sister visited us, we took the opportunity to ask for help with the letters. My sister is very good at drawing (I have shared some of her work here) and she set to work to write and make details on the little signs.

And to accompany the 40 small rabbits, a little larger, following the same pattern, but with thicker wool and larger needle.

So we present them in the room on the day of the birthday:

They have a magnet behind their heads so that they can be glued on the table. refrigerator or somewhere else from which to remember the birthday of Agus and at the same time to decorate.

Last March had been the birthday of his namesake, the son of other friends. I wove his name with a rainbow and a sun (you can see it in this entry) and I committed to weave the names of my friends' babies when each one fulfills his first year. For Titus I wanted to decorate him with several animals besides the sun, but we stayed until the last moment with the bunnies of the souvenirs and I could only weave a chick to him. It was also nice, but we will add bugs to that name !!

Finally the wall of the room was super decorated with poster and souvenirs! And after the party, the rabbit of the palette and the name were decorating the room of Titus !!!

He is pure smile and love !! A pleasure to knit for those we love so much !!!!

Kisses and until next time!

  • Adam Floyd