Tunisia's parties condemn UAE's "scandalous" travel ban on Tunisian women

The transport ministry said the measure would stay in place until Emirates was able to "operate flights in accordance with law and global agreements".

Tunisia's foreign ministry called for the envoy on Friday in the wake of the sudden ban on Tunisian women entering the UAE, the state-run TAP news agency reported.

All female Tunisian citizens of all ages were denied entry into the Gulf state, an internal Emirates Airline email circulated on social media showed.

Zeabi reportedly said the measure was "temporary and relating to security arrangements".

"We have contacted our Tunisian brothers about security information that necessitated taking specific and circumstantial measures", Gargash said on Twitter.

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Earlier on Sunday, Anwar Gargash, the UAE's minister of state for foreign affairs, also cited security as the reason for the travel restriction.

The relationship between the Tunisia and UAE was damaged by former's 2011 revolution.

The announcement came two days after Tunisian government officials said the UAE had banned Tunisian woman from flying to or transiting through its territory.

The travel ban has sparked a wave of fierce criticism in Tunisia. He added: "The Tunisian woman has exposed their failings once again; suddenly many of them have become dumb and abandoned their pens, while human rights activists have suddenly disappeared".

In a statement on Friday, Tunisia's Ministry of Transport said such actions were "illegal" and "contradictory to the regulations in force in global civil aviation". They called on the Tunisian authorities to take diplomatic measures to reverse the UAE decision, which they described as "thoughtless" and against all diplomatic norms and procedures of worldwide transport.

  • Adam Floyd