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Tania Sánchez Ortiz presents the painting exhibition "A Window to the Soul" at the Joan Miró Cultural Center in Móstoles "A Window to the Soul" , is nothing more than a look at life, what we really are, today, tomorrow and always: people with soul and heart, From 7 November to 4 December 2014, at the Joan Miró Sociocultural Center , the Department of Education, Culture and Tourism Promotion presents > "A Window to the Soul" by painter Tania Sánchez Ortiz.

In this exhibition, Tania wants to make us know her purest truth, deep, and their way of looking at life: "What are we, if not souls enclosed in a body ... that flame, that essence, breathe through our eyes: from our eyes." >

In this way, the visitor can take a tour through different portraits and profiles, with a d common emperor: realism and figuration, and the eagerness to represent the soul in the gaze. All of this reminds us, "No one is more than anyone else, and we are all equal, regardless of race, culture or religion." We are One, and we must learn to coexist in unity. "

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" A window into the soul "is nothing more than a glance at the life, to what we really are, today, tomorrow and forever: people with soul and heart, mainly.

"My only desire", is to convey a simple message of unity and equality, each and every one of us are invaluable and we must begin to value and understand the people we have around .

Earlier this year, Tania was awarded a scholarship that took her to Thailand as the representative painter of Spain at the I Meditation Artistic Retreat , organized by the NGO Peace Revolution . In 2013 he was selected to participate in the II Course of Realism and Figuration given by the painters: Antonio López and Andrés García Ibañez.

During the last years he has exhibited his work in diverse places of the Spanish geography, as well as in Bangkok. He has participated in numerous contests throughout the country, obtaining several mentions and prizes. At the moment it has work in: particular collections, gabinete of graphic work of C.E.S. Felipe II (Aranjuez), City Councils of Perales de Tajuña, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Colmenar Viejo and Ciudad Real (Museo Manuel López-Villaseñor), as well as the non-profit organization Peace Revolution (Thailand).

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