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Erwin - Operations Manager CDG

Great food options are available at I LOVE Paris at the Guy Martin restaurant, they are only 7

Crew Tip - BOS Kim Richard - Director of Sales BOS p> Only insiders know about Bogie's Place. It's the adult only, speakeasy style steakhouse located within JM Curly Bar that serves dinner nightly.

Crew Tip - NYC

Bernice Chan - Digital Marketing Manager NYC

Rent one of our YOTEL super bikes and one ride in Central Park in style. Stop at the castle to have an ice cream!

Crew Tip - NYC

Julie Soscia - NYC Marketing

YOTEL Bicycle Route: On one fine day, take one of our bikes and ride around town! It is well worth the ride.

Crew Tip - NYC

Maysoon - NYC Sales

Train line 7 has been extended up to 34th Street Hudson Yards, are now just 2 blocks away from YOTEL!

Crew Tip - LHR

Bernice Chan - Digital Marketing Manager LHR

Have a strong coffee to wake up before your flight Antoaneta - GM CDG

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Visit the Aeroville shopping center.

The free bus service leaves from the central bus station in Roissy Pole.

Crew Tip - NYC

Julie Soscia - Marketing NYC
p> BEA: In addition to serving drinks and irresistible food, Hell's Kitchen has a movie projector, all of a charm.

Crew Tip - LHR

If you are traveling to / from Heathrow or Gatwick buy the Oyster card, you can use it on different public transports. Very easy!

Crew Tip - AMS

Pink Crew AMS

Crew Tip - AMS

Pink - Crew AMS

First Aid and Urgent Care: Available 24 hours at Schiphol Airport. Just ask at Mission Control.

Crew Tip - NYC

Jenn Williams - Brand Marketing Manager NYC

Keens Steakhouse serves the best traditional food, including the Mutton Chops and Scotch Pairing.

Crew Tip - LGW

Dionis Murovski - Mission Control LGW

Some airlines offer check in the night before your morning flight, which means more space in your cabin!

Crew Tip - NYC

Claes Landberg - GM NYC

Dinosaur Bar-BQ is in Harlem and they make amazing ribs! It's well worth a trip there! UCLA Theater: This is one of the houses of comedy and improvisation.

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