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The white birch (Cistus albidus) is a evergreen shrub of the Cistaceae family and Mediterranean origin. > It reaches a height of between 40 to 100 cm. It emits several stems and branches, producing a fordous forest. Leaves are sessile (without petiole), ovate, opposite, soft and covered with hairs, which gives it a color flowers are large, with 5 rough, falling petals, purple pink, and yellow androceo and gynoecium, with abundant stamens. The fruit is a capsule that opens into five leaflets, letting the numerous seeds escape.


in degraded areas of holm oaks and Mediterranean forest, occupying the soil with other scrubland. Usually it is in places with hot summers and little cold winter.

< Recommended for its flowering and the smell of the leaves. It requires little care. Strong waterlogging and freezing must be avoided. It holds well the pruning, which must be done every year to maintain the abundance of leaves.

Its reproduction is done by seeds, the viability of which lasts for many years. It has germination inhibitors, it is necessary to treat the seed or to use a greater quantity of seeds for its planting.

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JARA BLANCA: Cistus albidus

  • Adam Floyd