Corrido Censorship, the timeline of efforts to censor narcocorridos

Baja California, 1/17. State representative Catalina Zavala calls once again for a statewide ban, citing the comments of Senator Yolanda Gonzalez.

Chihuahua, 1/31. The state congress passes a bill sponsored by Oscar Gonzalez Luna, of the PAN, "inviting" radio stations to ban narcocorridos, and promising legal enforcement if stations do not comply. The bill argues that radio, as a national resource, must act in the public interest. He told the BBC that "from hearing over and over that criminals are superheros, that they have their hands full of money and lack nothing, by way of records which they hear on the radio, children and young people lose interest in studying, work and family values, lured by easy money, depravity and vice. "

National, 2/08. The Toucans of Tijuana support the censorship of narcocorridos in Baja California, and also the stations that have chosen not to play The Tigers of the North's "Chronic of the change," to critique of the government of Vicente Fox. Of narcocorridos, the Tucanes' Mario Quintero says, "They have fallen into vulgar language. There are fictitious corridos, without a foundation, obscene, vulgar and invented. They sell because they are common. On the censorship of the Tigers' song, he adds, "They are banned because they are knocking the elected president. If I were Fox and they were knocking me and making me look bad, I would stop them. "

National, 3/9. The Tigers of the North announce that they have had to drop plans to release a single of their new corrido, "Chronica of a Change," which is critical of the administration of President Fox, because the main national radio chains have said they will not play Item. Jorge Hernandez, the group's leader, recalls that they run "El Gato Felix," which celebrated a crusading reporter who was murdered while investigating corruption in Tijuana, had been banned in Baja California in the late 1980s.

Michoacan, 5/13. Senator Antonio Soto says that the national government has concerts to "preoccupying timidity," and calls on the Secretary of Government to do his job and carry out the bill proposed by Yolanda Gonzalez.


Michoacan, 5/14. Arturo Herrera, president of the Chamber of the Radio and Television Industry of Michoacan, who proposed to state in 1998, announces that at that time "some colleagues argued that [such songs] were good business, people like them, and banning them was an assault on freedom of expression, "but that now the climate is more propitious for such action.

National, 5/28. Subsecretary Jorge Teherán of Governanance responded to calls for a national ban of narcocorridos. He says that, while the right to freedom of expression makes it impossible to prohibit narcocorridos, "reality" shows, or talk shows on the Jerry Springer model, it should be possible to rate such songs and programs, and to regulate the hours of their transmission, in order to protect young listeners and viewers.

National, 8/14, Asked about the censorship of the Tigers, Julio Preciado says: "Those are" chin ... ras ", what they say in some songs are truths, something that I assure you, I am not to supporter of narcocorridos, in the end music is communication, I do not see the point in censoring a song or two or however many, in the end if you do not play it, in the media it gives them publicity and people have more reason to go buy the disc, these situations are actually good for the groups that play that type of music, because good or bad in that way they sell more records. "

9. The state congress votes to ban radio stations from playing narcocorridos. This is news, since up until now New Leon did not bother with such matters, and the local radio stations play many corridos.

USA and Mexico, 11/8. Los Tigres del Norte's "The Queen of the South," a narcocorrido based on the best-selling novel by the author Arturo Perez-Reverte, carries the album of the same name to the number one spot in the Billboard Magazine Latin chart. In Mexico, it receives the same censorship as all narcocorridos, despite its respectable literary roots, and the Tigers hurry out a second single "In that failed," to get radio play in the states where a ban is in effect

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