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We are accustomed to protect our parrots from harmful bacteria, striving to maintain good hygiene in the environment and in food. But the other side of the coin is in those beneficial bacteria to which we should also devote ourselves; but to keep them LIVING and healthy.

In the digestive system of parrots a multitude of beneficial bacteria coexist, such bacteria are necessary for optimal health of the animal. These not only allow the absorption of nutrients, but also favor a medium that prevents overgrowth of other microorganisms that would be harmful to the individual himself. In fact, some studies conclude that birds that maintain a balanced microbiota exhibit better plumage, adequate growth, successful reproduction, healthier organs, and even better recovery from disease states.

it is important to define some terms:


PROBIOTICS: living microorganisms that, when administered in adequate quantities, are beneficial to the health of the host.

which are those foods that will serve as substrate for those "good" bacteria found in the digestive tract.

Unfortunately, in the case of parrots, since it is difficult to find quality feed, finding feedingstuffs that take into account the inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics is not easy, so it is necessary to look at and interpret the labeling very well The range of PROBIOTIC foods is wide, but for those of us who are looking for the welfare of our parrot, we must limit those foods that can be consumed (for example, it is NOT advisable to offer black chocolate or eggplant in spite of of being prebiotics interesting to humans). Among the foods that we can offer are:

Natural yeast without sugar Brewer's yeast (saccharomyce cerevisiae) (see instructions from the manufacturer):
  • Harrison Digestive Enzymes (HEALTZYME) is also marketed as FAUNA FLORA (it is the soil

Between the fan of prebiotic foods we find:

Red millet. Artichoke.

All of these contain an interesting percentage of the chickpeas.

of complex carbohydrates (such as inulin or fructooligosaccharides), as they are not immediately digested they will advance through the digestive tract to serve as food for that microbiota that wants

Therefore, a dietary contribution of our parrot of probiotics (lactobacilli and yeasts, cataloged as beneficial) and of prebiotics (those complex carbohydrates that serve as food to the microbiota) will bring with it an iron health, a healthy aspect and above all to prevent future diseases.

* FEED: it is an industrial preparation in pelleted / extruded form, which in theory offers the elements necessary for balanced nutrition.

  • Adam Floyd