Bodega Viña Bayona

Fermentation temperature - 15º


Type of child - Does not own, is a young wine. Maceration of several months, maximum six, of the wine with its own crushed grape, destemmed and yeasts of the fruit.

Cata ​​strong> - Pale yellow, fine, brilliant with endogenous carbonic abutant , typical of the type of processing. In the nose it remembers to yeast and fruit with fine and intense aromas of apple and peach. In the mouth it has a good acidity that makes it fresh, tasty and well structured, with a final aftertaste to bitter almonds.

Temperature of consumption - 8º

> Merlot 40% and Tempranillo

Wine pair - Wine and fish as well as tender and semi-cured cheeses


Fermentation temperature - 15º

Type of child - Maceration several months, maximum six, with its own grapes, grapefruit, grapefruit, and fruit yeast.

Cata ​​strong> - It is a bright red wine with bluish tones typical of its youth. In the nose it shows a great olfactory quality, with intense varietal aromas and pleasant to red fruits, with blackberry and raspberry background. In the mouth, it stands out for its elegance and harmoniousness with a smooth, pleasant acidity and good persistence.

Temperature of consumption - 16º

Pairing > - Ideal to consume with white meats and tender and semi-cured cheeses.

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Variety of grape

- Tempranillo

Fermentation temperature - 15º

Temperature of consumption - 8º

Pairing - Rice, fish, seafood and pasta.

Variety of grape - Cabernet Sauvinong 30%, Merlot 20% and Tempranillo 50%

Type of child - In Bordeaux wine cellar 8 to 10 months and 12 months in bottle.

Tasting - Intense cherry color and covered with violet sparkles. Very expressive in the nose where it denotes the great aromatic load characteristic of the varietals that compose it, emphasizing the floral aromas to violets, the fruit to blackberries and raspberries. It is pleasant and warm in its passage through the mouth with a great persistence and smooth harmony between the tannins and acidity, with a clean and aromatic finish, where they emphasize the confection of red fruits and spicy notes of vanilla

Temperature of consumption - 16-18º

Pairing - Red meats, game and cured cheeses.

, is a young wine. Maceration of several months, maximum six, of the wine with its own grapes crushed, destemmed and yeasts of the fruit.

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