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Maybe I'm projecting, but I think big city flower markets can be unnerving for most people: The crowds. The hustle. The options .

The first few times I went to the New York City Flower Market on 28th Street, I left feeling as though I had been through the wringer. I also felt like I had more flowers than I knew what to do with and less money remaining in my wallet than was healthy.

Then I arranged the florals for a Remodelista Market in New York and had an excuse to visit the flower market again. While I'm still in the expert, I feel like I have sufficient number of visits under my belt to offer a tip or two. Consider this the amateur's guide to navigating New York's flower market, and use it as an excuse to make a trip to yourself.

Photography by Rebecca Baust for Gardenista.

h3> Plan Ahead

Above: I give this tip cautiously: too much planning and you'll find yourself devastated because no one had exactly the shade of coral ranunculus you were after; too little planning and you'll go in asking for holly berries in the middle of June and leave with ten tones of flowers you did not intend to purchase.

Above: The market opens at 5 o'clock in the morning.

  • Adam Floyd