Everything Else (2016) - IMDb

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For 35 years Doña Flor has worked as a clerk in a government office. Each day she attends dozens of people who sit across from her and her her documents. For 35 years she has been invisible to these people, a mere cog in the machine. She has grown so accustomed to this invisibility that she seems to have become invisible even to herself except for the brief pause at the pool each day where she watches the children swim and remembers her daughter. One morning Doña Flor awakens to find her cat you died in the night. Unable to accept the loss of her sole companion, Doña Flor tries to continue her routine as always, but the loss opens up the much deeper wound left by the downing of her daughter. She decides to swim solace in the water, but finds herself paralyzed by fear. Doña Flor faces her fear of the water, she faces her of life. One day in the shower room another woman unexpectedly washes her back in a simple gesture of compassion that resuscitates her. "Everything ...

  • Adam Floyd