Creativity in Time of Crisis

I come back with a bread recipe, but not just any bread. This bread is: THE BREAD

A homemade bread made with beer. Authentic delicatessen.

A few days ago, with the recipe of the Pancillos, I talked about the pleasure of kneading and its therapeutic power, so today I will not repeat myself. But this bread is one of those that knead them is a delight, for its aroma and texture. While baking, the house is impregnated with its smell and is a wonder. And once done it has a flavor ... what a taste!

It is made with intense flavored black beer. Guinness is best for you, although you can actually do it with any other black beer with body and character. It is also possible to do it with a black beer without alcohol. It is assumed that the spirit of the beer is lost with the heat of the oven, but can not be assured that it will go completely, so if someone prefers to use a "Sin" then perfect. I have only done this once and it is with something less intesity, but little appreciable.

In order to make this bread, we first need to prepare a POOLISH, which is a Mother should be prepared every time you make bread.

For the Poolish of this Beer Bread we need: 50 gr rye flour, 50 g flour, 5 g yeast fresh and 100 gr of water (yes, water goes to weight). We mix everything with the hand to integrate it and let it rest for about 3 hours. We can also leave it overnight. Best in the fridge. We leave it off for an hour to break it to ferment and to the frigo, from which we take it 1 hour before starting to prepare the bread. If we are going to spend it before 6 hours it is not necessary to refrigerate it.


We put all the ingredients in a bowl, except the beer, which we add very slowly as we integrate with the hands. We DO NOT put it all together. Just the one that the flours ask us for. I always have more than one "culin", but less than half, of a 33 cl can.

We go to the counter and knead for 10-15 min. p> We put in a covered bowl and let it take for an hour (something else in the cold season).

After that time we return to the counter and with our hands we lightly press the dough to get the air and we shape it, kneading it, but really not kneading it, just sliding it between our hands on the counter.

We dab a cotton cloth or linen and put the dough on it. We also put flour on the dough and cover. To the sides we put some books or some brick, leaving a small gap between them and the mass. So that, when making the second one, the bread grows in a nice shape, without "scattering" and remaining flat.

Preheat the oven to 200º with steam. I remind you that I to make steam I put in the bottom of the oven a mold (the same one that I use to make sponge cake) with a little water.

After the hour, since we put the mass in the We put it in the oven, when it has already reached 200 º, with heat up and down. down. At 10 minutes we removed the steam and left it at the same temperature 30 minutes more. Turn off the oven and leave the bread inside, with the door ajar 15 min. Then we take out the bread and let it cool. Once cold we can cut it into slices.

It is a delicious bread to accompany with cheese, ham, a tortilla of potatoes ... or to roast it at breakfast and to put some olive oil.

  • Adam Floyd