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If you know the street address for San Diego County property then this APN lookup tutorial will help!

Diego County APN lookup process for parcel data all the time. Thankfully, San Diego County has a useful online service that allows property owners to get a quick, distilled summary of their parcel data based on an Assessor's Parcel Number (APN).

APN Lookup

Knowing your APN is key to getting information out of the government agencies. Without an APN, some agencies can lookup relevant data using a street address, but the APN, much like the Social Security Number, is best for finding the data you need.

Visit San Diego County's GIS page (SANDAG GIS) and enter your address in the search box. Then, click on your parcel and popup shows with relevant data including your APN. Highlight and copy that APN number to your clipboard and we'll use it later in this tutorial. You may also want to write it down for future reference.

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Use SanDAg's GIS tool to look up your parcel information with only an address. San Diego County Parcel Data Using Your APN Lookup

To find your San Diego County data, visit the Planning & amp; Development Self-Services Reports page. Click the "Property Summary Report" link to get your San Diego County parcel data.

Enter your Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)

You are taken to a web app where you will need to enter or paste your 10-digit APN lookup we did earlier.

Enter your APN to receive a property summary summary.

County of San Diego Planning & Development Services Property Summary Report

If you're looking at housing animals, for instance, you might want to look at your Animal Designation on Page 2 of the report. Noting your designator, in the example below it's V , you'll then visit Part Three of the Zoning Ordinance for San Diego County to see what that allows you to do. In this case, you'd be allowed:

  • Horses Stable
    • Boarding and riding lessons for up to 3 horses not owned by the property owner
    • 10 Horses per acre of usable area up to 50 horses and 5 acres + Zoning Verification
    Large Animals (other than horses): 2
Animal Raising Bees / Apiary: OK Other: 25 max., more with ZAP (minor use permit) approval Animal Enclosure Setbacks : Most Restrictive (see Section 3112)

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