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WHO ... people with a bird's nest near their house, apartment dwellers with nesting pigeons, people with pets or other animals that are infested, farmers raising chickens, they get contaminated used furniture, carpets, clothes, etc. This may also include hotel guests, office workers and others, when buildings are inhabited by nesting birds.

WHAT ... A parasitic infestation of bird mites is too small for be seen with the naked eye. Symptoms include stinging and pricking, often intense itching with or without injury, small red lumps, and a sensation of something that walks you anywhere on the body; these symptoms increase at night. Some people label this feeling that there is "something horrible that walks you in the body" or "something that bothers you in the nose" The intense pruritus and irritation in the skin is due to the saliva of the mite. When a large area is covered with bites, it will resemble an eruption in appearance, and is very often confused with scabies.

Suspicions of a possible bird mite infestation?

Intense itching on your skin Vague sensation that you walk on your skin Bites and lesions that heal very slowly Increased symptoms in certain areas of the home Increased symptoms at night and in humid weather The doctor suspects scabies but treatment does not help

WHEN ... Bird mites are most active from dusk to dawn, but may be active at other times, especially when disturbed. Bird mites are very damaging to our normal sleeping pattern, causing many nights of lost sleep. They tend to be more active on damp, humid and cloudy days and nights. Mites are less active during daylight hours, and are less active on hot, dry and sunny days. Increased activity every seven days, when new mites mature. Mite activity also tends to increase around a full moon. Bird mite populations tend to increase in late spring and summer, corresponding to an increase in bird population and an increase in temperature and humidity levels.

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WHY ... Bird mites are parasites that feed on living organisms; The female mite needs blood to reproduce. They are attracted to mammals by moisture, heat and CO2 receptors. They are aggressive and often bite humans when their original food source has disappeared; Like when young birds leave the nest. They can multiply rapidly in thousands, leaving the afflicted person with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Once a house is heavily infested, they are very difficult to completely eradicate.

Close-up image of a bird mite bite mark on a human leg. The outer band is typically about 0.25 inches wide and the raised red center is about 1 inch. Although it is similar in size to a large mosquito bite, a mite bite usually takes much longer to heal.

Recommended pest control companies

Please note that if bird mites are not treated properly, even if the correct chemicals are used, they may become resistant to such chemicals. Do not use a pest control company unless you have extensive experience in the treatment of bird mites.

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