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Maybe there are certain things about our body that never caught our attention, until, suddenly, a stranger tells us otherwise . And there are some conditions that do not seem strange or worrying because we have been living with them for years , but that does not mean that they are something normal. You feel identified? Here are 10 examples of that ...

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1. To see blue, when in fact the color is green ...


Did you think that your art teacher was playing a trick on you when asked why the sky in your drawing was green? No friend, unfortunately it was not a joke. You are colorblind: a genetic defect that causes difficulty in distinguishing colors . But do not be discouraged, it's nothing serious!

2. To be able to dislocate the shoulders on purpose.


Do not do it. It may be genetic or the product of a sport you practice, but anyhow, experts recommend not doing it because it can cause you injuries . So leave your inner contortionist aside, okay?

3. A constant sound in your ear?

This is called tinnitus , and to make it clear, having a constant sound in your ear is not normal . The most common cause is exposure to constant noise , so if you work in noisy places, you better take care of yourself.

4. My hands are blue in winter, of course.


If you thought everyone was getting blue-white lame in winter and they hurt in the summer , you're wrong . This is called Raynaud's Phenomenon : a condition whereby cold temperatures or strong emotions cause vascular spasms.

5. Do not you feel that smell!?

This is not only NOT normal, it is also unpleasant. So if you thought that gasping every 20 minutes was typical, it is not. It is probably a disease called meteorism , bloating caused by the production and accumulation of excessive amounts of gas in the intestinal tract. Go and get a treatment! For you, and for others ...

7. "You're going to pee with laughter" ... should be just a saying.

There are people who have an "extra urethra" which causes incontinence. This is a problem that needs to be addressed, and although there are sometimes those who pee with laughter from time to time, if it is something recurring, it is better to go to the doctor.

8. Everything looks a bit fuzzy ... will it be fog?


Boy, if you are unable to recognize people, or do not read traffic signals from a normal distance, then there is no haze, > is that you are blind . Well, not blind, but you probably have nearsightedness (see wrong from far away) or astigmatism (see with little clarity). Do not worry about a pair of glasses solved, nerd.

9. I have a musical belly


Belly sounds are normal to a certain extent. They are related to bowel function , but if these are heard more than normal or are associated with pain, it could be a disease: Crohn's disease, diarrhea, a food allergy, a gastrointestinal bleeding, an infectious enteritis, an ulcerative colitis ... therefore, if you suspect that your tummy sounds go beyond normal, consult your doctor.

10. Have tail Although it is small.

Ok, this is not normal. Unless you're the main character in Dragon Ball .

  • Adam Floyd