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TYPES OF FLOWERS TULIPS Spring flowers most popular, and is the third most popular flower in the world, only after Roses and the Chrysanthemums. Tulips enter an incredible variety of colors, heights, and shapes. Some Tulips are very fragrant. FLORES These are the structures responsible for reproduction in some vegetables. In these plant formations, the fruits contained in the seeds are produced through sexual reproduction. LAS ROSAS Roses are the most popular flowers in the world and have probably always been the most popular flowers. Roses have been symbols of love, beauty, war and politics since the beginning of time.
CHRISANTEMOS It was denominated by Carolus Linnaeus of two Greek prefixes, "Chrys", that means golden (the color of the original flowers), and "anthemon", meaning flower. LILIES Different kinds of lilies are commonly grown in gardens. Lilies grow best along with other flowers and in masseters.

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