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I do not know if this topic has been explored at all, and I'm afraid to search because I may encounter spoilers.
Anyway, I just found this poem by Spanish poet Garcia Lorca. It's entitled "Paper Bow Tie." The origami figure is so prominently displayed on the Heavy Rain artwork that it is called a Spanish Bow Tie.
I read the rough translation of the poem, and it seems to correlate to the story. I thought this was really interesting, and I plan to delve in further than I finished the game.
EDIT: You should probably have just pasted the poem here in the first place

Oh little paper bow tie!
Children's eagle
With feathered letters, > without pigeon and without nest. The still wet hands of mystery
you believe in a cold autumn dusk, when they die
the birds and the noise of the rain makes us love the lamp, The heart and the book. You are born to live a few minutes
in the fragile castle of cards that rises trembling like the stem of a lily.
and meditate there blind and without wings
> that you could have been the grotesque athlete who smiles
hanged by a thread,
the silent boat without oars or sail,
the lyrical
ghost ship of the fearful insect, the sad little fool who mocks, making him Pegasus,
the blows of the children.

But in the middle of your meditation
go drops of humor.
Made with the bark of science
you laugh at Destiny, and shout: "Blanca Flor does not die never, never die Luisito.
The morning is eternal, is eternal with the source of the dew "

Imparable @CharlieM97

And although you believe in nothing you say this,
do not know children
there is shadow behind the stars
and shadow in your castle.

In the middle of the table, when you collapse in your blue mansion, you have seen that the kite looks anxiously at you:
"It's a newborn. on the water of living suffering "

So bird clown disappear
to be born elsewhere.
So bird sphinx give your soul
phoenix to limbo.


  • Adam Floyd