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These self-help materials are designed for detainees to use in representing themselves when applying for some common forms of legal relief from removal. Emil Gumpert Award.

These publications are meant to provide useful basic information about immigration law and detention in removal in Arizona and were created in the course of the Florence Project's work. Under no circumstances do they constitute legal advice.

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Some of our materials should be read in conjunction with other relevant or related guides. When appropriate, the following guides should be distributed together to pro respondents:

1. "Pleadings & amp; Establishing Eligibility for Relief "- this guide should be distributed to clients with problematic charges of removal or criminal convictions that present a challenge to seeking Adjustment of Status, 10 year Cancellation of Removal, LPR Cancellation of Removal, VAWA, or Termination of Proceedings. / p>

2. "BIA Appeals" and "Ninth Circuit Appeals" - these guides should be provided to clients who intend to appeal an adverse IJ Decision in the removal proceeding.

3. "BIA Appeals" and "Writs of Habeas Corpus" - these guides should be provided to clients who intend to appeal to negative decision on bond.

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