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Kara Suarez, now Acosta ​​b> is the twin sister of Sara and the daughter of Laura Suarez and Antonio Dela Rosa. At age 8, she was diagnosed with leukemia. She was separated from her twin and her mother and adopted by Antonio and his wife, Lucille to heal her leukemia in the US.

Physical Appearance Edit

Kara has brown eyes and brown hair. Kara wears modest and classic style of clothing. Her hair is chest length and straight.

Personality Traits Edit

Kara's personality is opposite Sara's personality.

Kara is a shy person and a demure, modest, humble and immaculate person. She has a fascination in fine arts and has a hobby of drawing. She is also the smarter one between the two. However, Kara has weaker immune system than Sara.

Biography Edit

Kara was born on September 5, 1994, alongside her younger twin sister, Sara. She and Sara grew up in a poor family. Despite being poor, they grew up filled with love by her mother and her stepfather. Kara never complained about their social status and stayed being the one who has academic excellence between the two twins.

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One day, Kara was diagnosed with leukemia. The treatment was very expensive and the family could not afford it. The only way to have her treated was to seek help from her wealthy biological father, so Laura, her mother called Antonio for help. Kara volunteered herself to go with Antonio for good even if it hurted her to be separated from her own family.

She discovered that her real father actually had a wife. Antonio told her that Lucille should not know about her being Antonio's daughter from another woman. So she was brought to Dela Rosa Foundation instead, an orphanage established by Lucille.

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